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It was frustrating, feeling like I just couldn't find anyone I liked... Support groups and lesbian communities were not well-publicized, and hard to find unless you knew who to talk to.

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I look forward to making the 9-Day Novenas to Saint Jude Thaddeus for your intentions!

Will YOU be the very next person to send me YOUR very own Testimonial to be put HERE, on this Testimonials web page?! Below is a summary of the many Testimonials so many people have sent to me over many, many years concerning how Saint Jude Thaddeus has answered their Novena Intentions as the result of my making Novenas for their Intentions.

So tonight I get to not only get groceries, but next week I can actually pay off, down to zero balance, all my credit cards, plus take care of other pressing issues like I can forget the utilities warning of shutting off my electric, gas, phone next week. I have now kept my promise of several weeks ago to Saint Jude to send you this Testimonial after my Novena intention was granted. I wrote to you before and I have to tell you that she has improved to the point that she drove her car by herself a short distance to the dentist the other day.

Thank you God, Thank you Saint Jude, and Thank you, Father Michael for making the novenas for me. Hope this gives others the confidence they need in Saint Jude and your really good work. Father, please be sure to publicly publish this right away because Saint Jude worked very, very hard for me with God in my really very desperate circumstances. The doctors relented and gave her a procedure that helped for now. We went for a second opinion and the new doctor took multiple biopsies and they came back negative.

Second, the devil can try to do fake Mystical experiences which could mislead a person.

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Over that time period, this is the very first time I have ever received a report that one of the people for whom I was making Novenas actually physically saw Saint Jude!I forgot to mention miracle bonuses, as I've seen them described on the testimonial page--My husband DID qualify for the extended unemployment benefits, so we blessed with that as well !Saint Jude has changed my life, my heart and my despair into amazement and BELIEF! Before the Novena to Saint Jude was completed, my back was miraculously cured!And Saint Jude shall continue to work his miracles for you and your family, just as I know he will also do the same, not just for me, but for all of those who believe and trust in God and in Saint Judes intercession with God as Thank you for making those Novenas to St. What to human eyes looked "impossible" became "possible" with Saint Jude!I had a deadline and it was going to cost me a really large amount of money to be able to get the "job" done in order to meet that deadline - no extensions. Jude comes through after that 3rd Novena was completed and you had already begun the 4th Novena.So, even though her December Novenas were for different intentions, because when she sent me her intentions, etc., she, obviously had not had her major stroke yet and had not yet been put on life support.