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Although they have minor doubts about the details, psychiatrists accept her claim as all her family members confirmed the abuse did happen.Katherine was by all accounts a pleasant girl who experienced uncontrollably murderous rages in response to minor upsets.She told me she's got something loose, She's got a screw loose somewhere." On their wedding night she tried to strangle him.Knight explained it was because he fell asleep after only having intercourse three times.She was proud of this fact and liked to think of her own family as Aboriginal.

Knight claims she was frequently sexually abused by several members of her family (though not by her father), which continued until she was 11.

David Kellett Katherine first met hard drinking co-worker David Stanford Kellett in 1973 and completely dominated him, if Kellett got into a fight at the hotel Knight would step in and back him up with her fists without fail.

In Aberdeen she was renowned for offering armed combat to anyone who upset her.

When she attended Muswellbrook high school, she became a loner and is remembered by classmates as a bully who stood over smaller children.

She assaulted at least one boy at school with a weapon and was once injured by a teacher who was found to have acted in self-defense.