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Talking to far-flung friends and family is much more fun if you don't have the annoying tick-tick-tick of escalating long distance charges running in the back of your mind.

Fortunately, if you have a high-speed Internet connection, there are several ways you can place calls within the U. at no charge, and others with unlimited calling for a few dollars a month.

One of the most comfortable choices, which also delivers excellent sound, is a phone handset that plugs right into the computer's USB port. Of course, asking the person you're calling to gear up for computer-to-computer calling is a bit pushy, but Skype will gladly let you call a regular phone number for a few cents a minute. You can pay extra ( for three months) to have a phone number assigned to your Skype connection. If you keep your standard telephone service, though, these incoming call services aren't terribly important.

Unlimited computer-to-phone plans are also available for /month (U. And since Skype has no 911 service (unlike other options we'll discuss momentarily), giving up your standard phone entirely isn't advisable. A solution that gives the computer a less prominent role in your phone activities is Magic Jack — yes, the one you've undoubtedly seen in cheesy TV commercials and said to yourself, "That can't possibly work." Turns out that, with just a few caveats, it works very well.

Either way, we'd advise you to give Google Voice a try.

The Call button's easily found at the top left corner of the page, and the price can't be beat.

You install the software on your PC or Mac, register to receive your phone number, and you're ready to receive calls, or place them at no charge to phones in the U. However, the Magic Jack only works when your computer is turned on.

If they want you to record a video of yourself, or talk to them over Skype, or whatever, that’s their call and you can’t really override it.

(One exception would be if you didn’t have the right technology on your end, like if your web cam were broken.

Modern computers don't suck all that much power, so it's not necessarily a deal-breaker, but it certainly isn't ideal.

No computer needed Very similar in many ways, but free of the computer-connected requirement, is Net Talk Duo, another small Internet-connected box but with a difference: this one can connect directly to your network router, even if your computer is turned off.