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So if you need to date your incoming mail, cancel paid invoices, void out Bingo game cards, put the date on X-Rays, void out credit cards or the ID cards of retiring employees, or any other of the many applications that require you to put the date on multiple documents, consider one of our American made dating perforators.
“Equipment makers and integrators, especially those serving the packaging industry, are eagerly anticipating Sure Dot OCR so they can finally offer a more reliable and universal solution for reading product identification information printed as dot-matrix text,” said Sam Lopez, director of sales and marketing at Matrox Imaging.

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If a company is going to put your loans into forbearance, make sure you follow up and know exactly why, for how long, and any action that is being required from you during the process to keep thing progressing.After lengthy conversations about this with Ameri Tech Finanical’s CEO, forbearances are only used if absolutely necessary and only for a very limited time as a buffer while the borrower is being submitted and approved for the different programs available to them to enhance their loan situation. It's gotten so bad that the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has asked Google to step in and filter results around student loan debt and prevent advertisers from advertising topics like Obama Student Loan Forgiveness.

Paying a fee for help with your student loans may not be necessary for you, just like you may want to do your own taxes yourself, but just paying a service in itself for what they offer and fulfill is not a scam.Scam companies are student loan assistance companies who charge you for a service and then never do it, or don’t do it 100%.For example, the firm might advertise ‘student loan forgiveness’ or ‘lower student loan payments.’ They charge you hundreds of dollars and say ‘they’ can do it but in reality don’t actually do anything at all.The company is offering student loan forgiveness, a lower payment, or consolidation.In exchange for doing it for you, you just have to make 3-6 payments of 9.Is this a student loan consolidation scam or legit company to work with? If you're even asking me, it means you went online, searched the company's name, or found my article on Student Loan Scams, and it raised a big red flag. There are many scams out there, and the CFPB, along with multiple government agencies, have issued warnings to be on the lookout.