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Meanwhile, users’ personal data becomes easier to scavenge.But firmware isn’t a feature that looks flashy on the side of a box, so few people think about it when buying a security camera. Shodan, a search engine that scours the Internet of Things, is cataloging all sorts of images from unsecured devices that’s probably best left private, like footage of sleeping babies.But never fear: Etsy offers multiple options for the fashion-conscious user, including stickers of that irritatingly ubiquitous mustache, a stylish crocheted ghost for older models, and twee animals for the kids.(I’m not sure the tagline “PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM CYBERATTACKS” is completely fair, but they will stop strangers from watching your children remotely, if that kind of thing alarms you.) Of course The Electronic Frontier Foundation offers slightly more modest covers for the tech-savvy consumer.But it isn’t just governments who are co-opting webcams to do their surveillance work.

But is it any less disturbing if the indicator light With the right tools, in other words, almost anyone—from foreign governments to the creepy teenager down the street—could be recording you while you sit at your computer.That revelation led to some labeling Shodan the villain — but the real problem remains the unsecured cameras feeding the site’s voyeuristic search results.(Shodan has less upsetting uses as well, often helping uncover uncover incredible online data breaches, for instance.) But if a search engine can grab images from unsecured gadgets, it’s not hard to imagine what a seasoned hacker could do.Along the way, a great many of those products will have poor software and lax security.“Users, even vendors, have no control of what firmware are loaded in these webcams,” says Chen.Of course this could all be solved with one simple design feature—a shutter—but it doesn’t seem to be a top priority for computer manufacturers.