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Women who were thought to bring on such episodes were labeled witches and burned at the stake, and in “There are examples in every single culture.I have never found a group of people that didn’t have some kind of awareness of this,” Adler says.And yet another so-called expert claims that uttering the name of Jesus can repel the figures.

So it’s more personal.” At one point in the film, Ascher turns the camera on himself to discuss his own sleep paralysis experience. “I’m endlessly fascinated by it,” says Adler, the author, who has studied sleep paralysis for more than 20 years.“There’s something so real about it that makes it even more horrifying.” Plus, she adds, the awareness of not being able to move can manifest itself into the hallucination of something or someone holding down the sleeper and a feeling of strangulation.say that, for years, they were in the dark about what they were experiencing.It wasn’t until years later that he heard people describe similar accounts and learned that he had experienced a type of sleep paralysis.Not all people with that sleep disorder believe they see figures, but those who do describe them as terrifying encounters with Freddy Krueger–like men in hats, alien-like beings with big eyes and gray complexions and demonic creatures., is perhaps the first mainstream film to explore the phenomenon.Paul, he was indisputably a tireless letter writer. but between the eras when people wrote letters and when they did not. Perhaps a better way of saying that is that they are at the mercy of that record.