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So try drinking a glass of wine or beer with mindful awareness by following these steps: 1) When you ask for your drink (or pour it yourself), briefly ask yourself why you chose it. Either way, tune into the thoughts, feelings and emotions that may be pushing you one way or the other. 6) Carry on repeating steps two to five for about five minutes or until you’ve finished your drink. Go to the cinema with a friend at precisely 7pm: Often, what makes us happiest in life is the unexpected – the chance encounter or the unpredicted event. Most of us only go to the cinema when there’s something specific we want to watch.

Is it your genuine favourite or was it out of habit? However, if you turn up at a set time and date you will discover that the experience is totally different.

And when you do so, you will gain as much peace and contentment as any number of weeks spent in a meditation retreat. 4) When your taste is saturated, swallow and take another sip when you feel ready.

Drink a glass of wine (or beer) mindfully: At this time of year it’s easy to drink too much while barely tasting a drop. 5) You may feel the need to drink the whole glass, or you might feel satisfied part way through.

It works like this: momentary stress causes the body to tense and you begin to breathe a little more shallowly. Breathing relies on the big, powerful muscles of the diaphragm, the abdomen and the intercostal muscles between the ribs.

A shallow breath lowers oxygen levels in the blood, which the brain senses as stress. It is helped along by the smaller secondary muscles of the neck, shoulders and upper ribs.

If this continues, it can lead to chronic tension in the shoulders and neck, to headaches and fatigue, and to increasingly shallower breathing.

And while you are writing, feel the pen gliding over the paper. Watch adverts: Research carried out by former ‘Mad Man’ Dr Robert Heath at the University of Bath suggests that the best way of evading the influence of advertising is to pay it full conscious attention. Can you notice any flickerings of sexual desire, humour, or perhaps wonderment and awe? Fear that you might miss out, or that you are not young or attractive enough? Can you notice the overwhelming pull of these emotions? Can you notice how each emotion is localised in different parts of the body? Each time you become aware of your emotions, return to paying attention to the adverts.These techniques work because of the way your breath reflects and amplifies emotions. A gently rising and falling breath stimulates the parts of the brain and nervous system responsible for creating a sense of calm.Incorrect breathing can cause anxiety, stress and even depression. Soothing hormones flow, calming negative thoughts so you begin to breathe a little more slowly and deeply. To gain a sense of its power for yourself, try this simple exercise: EASE ACHES AND PAINS Most of us breathe incorrectly, especially when we’re sitting slumped at desks for far too long each day.Try not to make anyone feel guilty about giving gifts but simply explain why you have chosen to focus your energies on children and on making and writing the cards. If you try to ignore it, your deep subconscious will latch on to the adverts and soak up their seductive emotional messages. Fear or shame might be found in the tightness of your stomach. Do you feel immune to them or a little annoyed that they influence you at such a deep and visceral level?Paying full mindful attention undermines this and helps you to spot the tricks that are played upon you. If you’re a party animal – don’t go to ANY parties over the coming week.Breathing is so ordinary that its true significance can easily pass us by.