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However like Yvonne, Zachary’s marriage with Missy split by December after just ten months.
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Quintin Demps isn't a star, but he's a functional safety.

These are all upgrades for a unit that sunk below the depths of replacement level far too frequently last season.

And if you're really spotting diamonds in the rough, chances are you should be able to trade down and grab them in later rounds.

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When you're using three of your five picks on small-school players, though, it's difficult to believe that an organization is effectively sorting through the player pool and accurately evaluating talent, if only because the sheer number of players at larger schools suggest that you should be more likely to take them than the handful coming out of tiny institutions.We'll run division by division over the next two weeks.Time for the NFC North, where everyone's trying to dethrone the Packers yet again ...He picked up .5 million over the first three years of his contract.Outside of Lane Johnson, who is a left tackle in waiting, no right tackles really approached those numbers before.The Bears would probably do well to get a mid-round pick for Glennon, and it would help if they restructured his contract to turn some of his million salary into a roster bonus, which would make Glennon a cheaper (and more palatable) trade chit.