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Malheureusement, il se fait abattre avant d'avoir pu lui dire ce qu'il sait.

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Soumak had the effect of making distinct outlines of the designs.

Other techniques they used were brocading and tapestry.

This fashion disappeared during the Late Pharaonic Period only to reappear during Roman times, with the spread of the use of wool.

Flax (linen), which was used almost exclusively until the Greek period was very difficult to dye, but in contrast, wool allowed colors to be applied that have lasted into our own time.

These fashions spread throughout the whole of the Mediterranean basin, as one can examine in mosaics (Piazza Armerina, Sicily) and paintings in the Roman catacombs.Rarely used in Egypt were the animal dyes like the kermes of a Mediterranean red oak and the Armenian cochineal, where were all very expensive.There is no trace in Coptic fabrics of the true purple color extracted from the shell of murex brandaris which was so highly prized in the Roman Empire.Patterned textiles were valued because their production was quite labor intensive.Coptic textiles are characterized by the "S-twist" of thread.For example, in India, they were called kabati, which comes from the plural form of the Arabic Qibt (Copt, Egyptian).