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The researchers say that diet advice to reduce fat is based on evidence from North America and Europe that may not apply to other countries.They found that on average, global diets consisted of over 60 per cent energy from carbs and 24 per cent from fats, but the best diets should have 50-55 per cent carbs and around 35 per cent fats.Sounds a bit like the Mediterranean Diet, with wagyu rather then meat sauce.

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There is a sea-change in establishment thinking around the diet-heart hypothesis, and what constitutes a healthy diet.What it shows is that fats - saturated, mono-unsaturated, polyunsaturated - are not the no-no we have all been brought up to believe in the context of high carbohydrate diets when the source of the latter is refined sources such as sugar, rice etc.Highly significantly, lower levels of various cardiovascular morbidity and mortality were seen between diets with up to 35 per cent of calories from fat over those low in fat and high in carbohydrate.Yet the PURE study has shown previously an association between higher intakes of fruit, legumes and vegetables (that provide carbohydrates) and increased mortality, suggesting that it is mainly carbohydrate from added sugars and refined grains that may be problematic.Further, the food sources of fats have also not been reported or controlled for in this paper.Although this evidence has been accruing for years it was largely ignored by the National Health and Medical Research Council during the development of the latest Australian Dietary Guidelines.