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"Here it is," she said, waggling the coffee pot at him as he put down his bag and briefcase on the table. Excuse me, I just need to check something for an eight o'clock appointment. Make sure the parts are in." Hannah poured him coffee and he opened up his IPad. It was getting dark and a few snowflakes were drifting down, but the 'Homewrecker' on Channel 6 said it was nothing to worry about. A more recent addition, his deceased dad frowning at him in a dark suit was a different matter. The older man was sitting still but the young guy was wriggling around and looked like he was enjoying himself. She wondered was he the one on the top or the bottom, giving or taking? Soon she shuddered and an orgasm rolled through her body like a freight train. The road was narrow, standard for North Wilmington row-homes. Dad got the towel over him on those frequent occasions. But his relationship with his father had not been easy, or particularly affectionate. As he grew up he had often sneaked along the passageway and listened right outside his parent's door, heard their bed creak and his mom's quiet cries of pleasure. So why did he keep old pictures of her in his scrapbooks? The older man's hand reached around, jerking the young guy's cock and as Hannah watched a spurt of semen flew out of his cock up onto his belly and chest. Once in the bathroom he held up his arms and she pulled his slick tee shirt off. She started to fill the bath and poured in some bubble mix. Russell watched his mother as she slipped out of her jogging pants and pulled off her top. Hannah walked over to the bath and tested the depth. She stared at his perfect butt as he stepped forward into the bath. She thought about broaching the subject of his gay problem, but decided against it. Let's get you cleaned up." He was helpless with his hands bandaged. She knelt before him almost in prayer, and a shiver ran through her as an idea came. She went over to the laundry basket and pulled out a thin cotton shift she had taken off the day before. Turn away from me if you're shy." He turned away from her towards the bathtub and she pulled down his shorts from behind, then his briefs.December, The Taylor Residence, North Wilmington, Delaware. She clicked on one and found herself looking at a video clip. She had always assumed she would find it disgusting. But she found that it also had a terrible fascination. The scene started with two young men, on a bed, fiddling with one another in the most disgusting way. One of them took the others fat erect penis and put it in his mouth, sucking it with enthusiasm. A crash from downstairs signaled the return of Russell. She sat there trying to figure out why he had gone that way. He sat down on the bed; he couldn't shower until mom was done. Gay porn websites outnumbered work stuff on the IPad by about three to one. Russell went upstairs, showered, dressed and went down to tidy up the kitchen. Russell Taylor looked out of his bedroom window at the street crammed with parked cars. Her eyes widened as she discovered what she assumed her son was watching for his entertainment. An unattractive middle-aged man was sitting on a bench in a sauna. Her hand crept down and she touched herself up under her skirt. Almost unconsciously she cupped her vulva and started to rub and stroke through her clothes. She held her breath but she heard him go into the kitchen and turn the faucet on. She shut the i Pad without switching it off and put it back in the exact position she had found it, then she scurried out of her son's room into the bathroom down the hall. The next day she would go to church and pray for guidance. Russell swung his legs up on the bed and picked up his IPad. Two streets away Hannah poured out her heart to her sister Juliet.

Hannah managed to act normal that evening and they both watched cable TV for a couple of hours. She knew Russell was likely to go out running first thing and she wanted to be ready. Brandywine Park runs along the banks of the Brandywine River through central Wilmington. He noticed something was not quite right with his mom, but had no idea what. A dark haired attractive woman dressed in a black suit got out, clicked the car locked, and without a backward glance headed onto the sidewalk. The Lexus eventually moved off in search of another spot. Russell moved away from the window and flung himself down on his bed. His mother looked Italian, but she was actually from Irish stock. The Lexus sat there for a minute and Russell watched with interest, wondering what would happen. He looked around the room at his high school graduation photos, his awards, and his University of Delaware posters. In his favorite picture of her she looked like an actress or model on the beach in her black one piece swimsuit. Cold on the outside, a raging furnace on the inside. But he was not prepared to be a prisoner in the house. Although it was her day off, the place still needed to be cleaned. It doesn't mean anything." Hannah shook her head, her tears splashing on Juliet's bosom. She headed down to the kitchen and intercepted him. I can drive us somewhere more interesting and safer than around here. It was the week before Christmas and Trolley Square was full of office workers heading for parties in the local bars and restaurants. A good-looking younger man in his twenties was sitting on his lap. She pulled down her panties and sat down on the toilet, lifting her dress up around her waist. It looked the same, but he knew every scuff and scratch of his own. He realized Uncle Gilbert had taken his IPad in error. Juliet was a little heavier than her sister and five years older.