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If you do have to move for work, try to find a location in the area that does this while maintaining a reasonable commute (an hour each way doesn’t allow much time for hobbies). In addition, this has the added advantage of putting you in proximity of potential romantic partners with similar interests and values, should you decide to find a partner.
The truth, however, is that there are many different types of addiction from which men and women suffer every day.

Dating fender telecaster pots

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Logarithmic taper pots, or audio pots, will also work for the volume pot and sound better, but they are more expensive than linear.Russian made Big Muffs have Russian made pots, usually 100k linear taper. If you replace an old pot with a new one of the same size, it is sometimes hard to find pots with the same pot shafts that fit the old knobs.The first string of numbers is usually the part number, or sometimes the pot value.In the second string of numbers, the first three numbers are a code identifying the manufacturer.

The Russian made Big Muff pots also lack date codes.

Some 1959 Precision Basses have no neck date stamp at all and several Fender basses from 1969 to 1980 have neck stamp codes that are difficult to decipher and sometimes impossible to read.

After 1981 most Fender neck dates are easy to read and understand, however I've still seen a few Fender basses from the 1990's with no neck stamp at all.

Can anyone help decoding the mess of numbers/letters? Rustedtrooper, that's a really nice looking specimen you have there.

My fender electric mandolin, and any others that i've seen had the date stamped on the end of the neck. You might find something under the pick guard as sometimes inspectors in the factory would sign and date there. If so, that could narrow it down to within a few years. According to Gruhn's book, the fender mandolins sported a decal on the peghead that said 'original contour body' until 1969. I'm not sure I've ever seen that before, but I'm guessing that it's post 1969.